New Type of Meditation for Gaming Performance

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As a competitive gamer, your goal is to perform your best, right?

Right. We play to win. 

So I’ll just go headed and say it… Practicing any kind of meditation will help you win more in-game and in life. Period.

When I suggest meditation to anyone usually get 1 of 3 responses.

  1. It’s so boring.
  2. It’s too hard.
  3. I’m not a hippy, dude.

The type of meditation I am going to suggest will solve all three of those claims.

No mantra, no breath-work, no yoga, no-nonsense.

You really can’t fail, unless you don’t do it.

Inbox Meditation

Imagine your mind is an email inbox.

Every day of your life your subconscious has been sending you messages. Through no fault of your own, most of these messages have been left unopened and unread, but they keep piling up.

Make no mistake… Just because you haven’t read the message, doesn’t mean they have no effect on your health and effectiveness.

Do you ever notice a layer of anxiety somewhere in your chest?

Your subconscious doesn’t communicate with words. It communicates with feelings.

That faint anxiety is an unopened message, causing a direct effect on your mood and therefore your effectiveness.

The goal of this meditation is to get to INBOX ZERO.

How to do Inbox Meditation

Today is the day we open the inbox

Find a spot with few distractions, close your eyes if you’d like.

That’s it. Your brain will do the rest.

It will talk to you; those are your unread messages.

At times they may make you laugh out loud, others might be intense or difficult to confront.

Remember, these messages are not necessarily in any order. Distant memories from your childhood may appear within an instant. Try to find out why, be open minded, this works best if you are genuinely curious to learn about yourself.

Stay as long as you like. Five minutes is better than no minutes.

One hour a day is optimal but I understand that is not practical for many people.

How Inbox Meditation Is Different

Most people say you should focus on your breath or repeat a mantra when you meditate.

It seems the goal of those types of meditations is to think about nothing at all.

While these methods are perfect for improving your ability to focus, I feel they greatly hinder your ability to declutter the lower levels of your brain. The exact same parts that are required for peak performance.

If other methods or meditation work for you, that’s great! Consider incorporating Inbox Meditation into your practice.

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