How to Make a Youtube Subscribe Link URL for Gaming Channel

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If you are a streamer you should be extending your reach by uploading and growing your youtube channel.

I believe it is impossible to make things too easy for your audience. So if your goal is a new subscriber, make it easy to subscribe!

Use a Youtube subscription link url.

Just add this parameter to the end of your youtube channel url.


Like this!

Feel free to click it and subscribe to Esport Labs, you will be happy.

If a non-subscriber clicks your new youtube subscribe link URL they will see a popup asking if they would like to subscribe to your channel as soon as the page loads!

However, if a subscriber clicks this new link, they will see your channel like normal.

You can easily use your new YouTube subscription link in your twitch panels, emails, tweets, YouTube video descriptions, comments on social media, blog posts, podcast episodes, and more.

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