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  1. Salim Mendez

    100% the best product I’ve found. I love working hard but for me being very adhd its always been difficult to focus, it sometimes takes me hours to even get a task started. With Vialis I have been cranking 2-3 days of work for every day I take it. No joke, GAME CHANGER.

  2. Gary Gossett

    I don’t know who needs to hear this but, if you take this stuff daily even for school or work, it will change your life. I used to drink energy drinks daily and sometimes up to 2 or 3 while gaming which would result in jitters anxiety and overall poor performance. I don’t know why this stuff works so well but after taking it everyday for 9 months I feel like a different person. My thoughts and actions are clear and precise, my memory is sharper, and my overall confidence and self esteem has boosted significantly. My gaming performance? I’ve achieved skill and performance I never thought possible for a person like me. 100/10 if this company knew what they had they could be big. I promise this product is worth the money.

  3. Granit Lahu

    This is actually a game changer.. all those other gaming supplements feel like im taking pre workout to go to the gym. I knew that they werent actually effecting my body because i felt like a juice head while playing my games . I didnt want that. I wanted something that will ACTUALLY help me FOCUS ( like help my brain not my heart rapidly pumping for no reason while im sitting on a chair) . Valis is THE bomb and has helped me immensely. this is the REAL deal.

  4. Joshua

    I am someone who takes prescribed Adderall and i was not sure of the risk of Valis combined with it so as a result I took two, rather than four. Even with TWO, I notice a very clear difference. I’m hitting the heads I want, my minds not racing in 1v1 scenario’s, and ill be for sure buying a bottle of these for whenever I play competitive video games. What’s even better, I got accused of cheating for the first time haha! that’s when I knew these were really working their magic. The only feedback I would give is, as some other people mentioned, not to have it instruct the customer to take four, but rather maybe UP to four. I think I would feel more comfortable if it told me to take two instead. overall this is an awesome product especially for being a first time nootropic costumer and I’m really happy I came across this.

  5. Gabriel


  6. JonoHex

    Never been in the zone as much it’s amazing lots more kills and a lot less deaths that was the aim and shot gold with this

  7. Llandel Pozos

    It was amazing and I definitely felt the energy and power to game for longer.

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