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  1. Granit Lahu

    This is actually a game changer.. all those other gaming supplements feel like im taking pre workout to go to the gym. I knew that they werent actually effecting my body because i felt like a juice head while playing my games . I didnt want that. I wanted something that will ACTUALLY help me FOCUS ( like help my brain not my heart rapidly pumping for no reason while im sitting on a chair) . Valis is THE bomb and has helped me immensely. this is the REAL deal.

  2. Joshua

    I am someone who takes prescribed Adderall and i was not sure of the risk of Valis combined with it so as a result I took two, rather than four. Even with TWO, I notice a very clear difference. I’m hitting the heads I want, my minds not racing in 1v1 scenario’s, and ill be for sure buying a bottle of these for whenever I play competitive video games. What’s even better, I got accused of cheating for the first time haha! that’s when I knew these were really working their magic. The only feedback I would give is, as some other people mentioned, not to have it instruct the customer to take four, but rather maybe UP to four. I think I would feel more comfortable if it told me to take two instead. overall this is an awesome product especially for being a first time nootropic costumer and I’m really happy I came across this.

  3. Gabriel


  4. JonoHex

    Never been in the zone as much it’s amazing lots more kills and a lot less deaths that was the aim and shot gold with this

  5. Llandel Pozos

    It was amazing and I definitely felt the energy and power to game for longer.

  6. Joshua M.

    This product works, the only thing I don’t like is the pills are kinda lager and also on needs to take four. Maybe if one can take like two at once in a smaller size or a powder.

  7. Anonymous

    Top product!

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