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Taurine: Decision Precision for Gamers | Nootropics for eSports

Taurine: Decision Precision for Gamers | Nootropics for eSports

When you compete in video games your neurons fire at amazing speeds to process a ton of information quickly.

All these processes happen to help you make near instant decisions, that can lead to one of two outcomes: A win or a loss.

Excessive and prolonged neuron firing tires the brain and body. To help combat this fatigue we included Taurine in our flagship product Valis | Performance Enhancement for Gamers.

Taurine is commonly believed by many to be an energy supplement.

It’s not.

Taurine is an amino-acid that has positive effects on relaxation, mood, and a general calming effect on your brain.  

Taurine works by calming the brain during periods of excessive neuron. Taurine does this by interacting with your GABA receptors, located in the Thalamus.

The Thalamus is the part of the brain the controls how much information is forwarded to the rest of your brain.

How Taurine Helps You Win More

Unlike most molecules that produce a calming effect, Taurine enhances sensory perception and improves focus as well as endurance and performance.

Your in game performance can be improved by helping you filter out the unnecessary input.

By reducing the impact of external stressors, your brain is able to focus on the game with less stress.

Taurine is also known to lower inflammation and blood pressure so you may notice you are more physically comfortable while gaming too.

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We at eSport Labs believe Valis has the power to help millions of gamers win more and live better lives.

Valis contains the perfect amount of Taurine along with other premium nootropics to help you perform your best, every time.

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