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Relaxation is Crucial to Winning

Relaxation is Crucial to Winning

In order to develop VALIS, we study every aspect of the competitive gaming mindset to make sure we have products that work. While it's obvious that gamers need enough energy, focus, concentration, and reflexes to carry them to victory, we realized the most important factor in winning is relaxation.  Every product from Red Bull, to Monster, to the typical Pre-workout clone overloads gamers with stimulants, without balancing the negative side-effects.

Just check out Sumail's infamous neck pillow above - is that not the chillest way to cruise through an $18 million prize pool?

If you want to win a high-stakes, high-stress match, you need to be Calm and Zen-like.

Recall the last time you participated in a stressful performance. Whether you're playing in a big soccer match, public speaking, at a job interview, or a major clan match, you're soon to be filled with adrenaline. This means you have high blood pressure, increased heart rate, clenched muscles, and you're too anxious to think clearly.  Suddenly, you forget your whole game plan and the many hours spent training are lost. That is, unless you primed with VALIS.

VALIS is the only gaming supplement that keeps you Cool in the Chaos.

In order to counteract the side-effects of intense competition, we added ingredients like L-Theanine, Taurine, and Phosphatidylserine. The synergistic effects between this calming blend not only reduces the effects of stress, but also your brain's perception of stress. When it's time for competition, you're going to feel more calm, relaxed, and clear-headed than ever. Our testers reported they were easily able to hit their flow - skill shots were made without hesitation, players stayed focused on objectives, and communication was clear and concise.  

Not only do players feel better personally, but the relaxing effects help gamers control their emotions when it matters. Professional gamers know to never let emotions linger. Just because you've lost the first match doesn't mean you won't come back in a Best-of-Five. Successful gamers think clearly, cut their losses, and focus on regrouping. Never blame your teammates or get hung up on bad plays. Stay focused on winning with VALIS. Try VALIS for Free >>

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