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Ginseng: Faster Reactions for Gamers | Nootropics for eSports

Ginseng: Faster Reactions for Gamers | Nootropics for eSports

Panax Ginseng is an amazing root extract from China, Korea, and Siberia.

It’s been used for thousands of years for its healing properties and ability to increase immune function, memory, concentration, stamina, sexual function, anxiety, diabetes, depression, and more!

It’s an amazing plant and there are more than a few reasons we want our gamers to experience its magic.

How Panax Ginseng Helps You Win More

Ginseng is a fantastic energy booster, giving you the extra kick you need to finish out a competition.

The increase in mood will keep you in the game, leading your team through difficult matches.

Ginseng also decreases anxiety, keeping you calm and alert for the entire match.

Best of all, a study of Panax Ginseng on reaction time revealed a 20 millisecond improvement on reaction time! [1]

In the highest levels of competition a 20 millisecond difference could equal millions of dollars in prize money.

At eSport Labs we are always looking for ways to give you an safe, legal and proven advantages in game.

For these reasons we included Panax Ginseng in our product Valis | Performance Enhancement for Gamers.

Want to Try Valis Free?

We at eSport Labs believe Valis has the power to help millions of gamers win more and live better lives.

Valis contains the perfect amount of Panax Ginseng, along with other premium nootropics to help you perform your best, every time.

We are happy to send you 3 Free Sample Packs of Valis, if you'll pay for the shipping.

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