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6 Reasons Pills are Better Than Energy Drinks | Nootropics for Gamers

6 Reasons Pills are Better Than Energy Drinks | Nootropics for Gamers

During the testing phase of VALIS | Performance Enhancement for Gamers, we developed over 100 different formulas and trials to create the best gaming supplement ever.

Not only did we test for effectiveness and optimal dosing, but practicality as well - does anyone really want to carry and clean a shaker bottle for powders, or pay $4 for caffeinated sugar water?

Here we discuss the best reasons why you'll never go back from capsules.

#1.  Exact Dosing

VALIS is tested and manufactured in a Certified Nutraceutical Lab to ensure that every single capsule meets our quality standards, including potency and amount.

The caffeine in every serving of valis will always be the same, where coffee can vary depending on water temperature, bean age and strength, and brand.

Tubs of powder are even worse - heavier ingredients will settle to the bottom which offsets their distribution.

Scooping is also never as accurate as weighing, and that's if you can even find the scoop after digging around powder.

The key to winning consistency, is consistency itself, so precision matters

#2: No Mess, No Hassle - Take Anywhere

Energy drinks are easy, but none are portable or as comprehensive as VALIS.

Tubs of powder are a mess. Taking on the go means you're stuck with a shaker bottle, and even at home you have to mix drinks and wash sticky dishes.

Worst of all, you're always taking the risk of spilling on your brand new gaming keyboard.

There's no waste or filler in VALIS. Take just a few capsules and all your gaming needs are covered - energy, focus, mood enhancement, muscle control, and brain health.

#3: Premium Ingredients at Lower Cost

Have you ever wondered why Red Bull and Monster energy drinks cost $4 for a can of caffeinated sugar water?

We have - it's because shipping millions of cans costs a lot of money, and those companies pass that cost to you.

In order to keep those cans in storage, they also spend money on preservatives and other ingredients having nothing to do with effectiveness.

VALIS is minimalist in design - we spend all our money on premium, effective ingredients, never additives and high shipping.

#4: Share With Your Crew

One bottle of VALIS has enough servings to power a whole LAN party. No matter the event - whether its a team boot camp or international tournament, bring a bottle and upgrade your whole crew.

#5: No Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners

Many ingredients in energy drinks and tubs of powder have nothing to do with performance.

High-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives are loaded into drink formulas to mask the taste of harsh chemicals.

These can lead to blood sugar spikes and diabetes, damage to your organs, weight gain, and energy crashes.

VALIS is undoubtedly the healthiest option available.  

#6: Water Solubility

Certain ingredients just don't mix with water, no matter how badly you want them to.

This can cause drinks to be clumpy and unevenly mixed, many times throwing off the flavor.

Energy drinks will actually leave out the best ingredients just to avoid this!

We've chosen capsules because some of the best ingredient for your performance are not water soluble.

Want to try VALIS Free?

We at eSport Labs believe nootropics like VALIS have the power to help millions of gamers improve their skill and performance and live better lives.

VALIS comes in pill form because we know true winners care about performance, not flavor.

With VALIS you'll never have a desk littered with cans or bottles, and you'll never have to clean out a sticky shaker bottle again.

If you'll cover the shipping fee, we'll send you 3 VALIS sample packs FREE.

Try VALIS for free click here to order

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