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4 Easy Tips For Explosive Muscle Memory Growth | Training for eSports

4 Easy Tips For Explosive Muscle Memory Growth | Training for eSports

Have you ever been in awe by a pro player's sheer speed and precision?

In large part, their muscle memory is to thank for executing these spectacular displays of skill.

You can develop these skills too.

Stick to the following four points below, and you'll learn how to develop your muscle memory to play like the pros, and maybe even become one.

1. Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Muscles remember mistakes in the exact same way they remember correct technique, so be sure to get it right from the beginning.

You will be tempted to learn bad habits because they will ‘work’ in low tier matches.

But if you allow yourself to be short sighted, it will come back to bite you as you try to progress into higher skill tiers.

When you repeat mistakes again and again, you build  muscle memory with those mistakes, which makes them even harder to overcome later.

Before you practice any movement sequence, first research if it is the best movement sequence.

2. Isolate The Mechanic You Intend To Develop

A guitarist doesn't play an entire song to practice the guitar solo and a gamer shouldn’t play a whole match to practice his aim.

Find a way to isolate the mechanic as much as possible. Aiming is simple to Isolate, but you may need to get creative for other processes you intend to develop.

While you will still learn during the stress of competition, stress is proven to hinder the formation of memory.

By allowing yourself to focus on only the movement mechanic you intend to develop you will develop it much quicker.

3. Use Adaptogens

Muscle memory doesn't reside in the muscles as we might have been led to believe; instead, as with all memory, it lives in the brain.

Repetition creates new neural pathways in the brain, which literally becomes hardwired to perform the practiced activity.

Adaptogens are nootropic compounds that allow your brain to more easily create new neural pathways.

For this reason we included several adaptogenic compounds in our flagship product Valis | Performance Enhancement for Gamers.

If your brain can create and strengthen neural pathways faster, you will be able to learn develop your muscle memory faster too.

4. More Short Practice Sessions

Understand that there is an optimal amount of time to spend on any given muscle movement mechanic.

You learn something more thoroughly by coming back to it consistently instead of doing it for longer each session, but more sporadically.

This consistency tell your brain that it is important to ‘automate’ this process and therefore it will become a priority for you brain to strengthen those neural pathways.

Practice daily and twice a day when possible, though in shorter sessions. You should stop your practice before you start to tire and get sloppy, because only perfect practice makes perfect.

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